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Here are a few customer feedbacks about our free PDF conversion online tool:

"You guys have the best PDF converter website. I wish i came across your site earlier that would have save many hours of attempting to download and many free pdf conversion tools and uninstall many. This tool will save me the headache of installing tools and uninstalling."

-Jeff, California

"I converted word documents full of graphics, styles and formats to PDF and it turn out to be excelent. This service is super-fast. Save me lots of time trying to find a PDF conversion tool"

-Charles, New York

"Help me convert few of my powerpoint presentations to PDF so i can sent to my clients about the new products we are launching."

-Mary, Virginia

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Convert to PDF is a free online based file conversion tool for hundreds of file formats to PDF. We provide this service as a free service to general public where all files are converted in our servers as oppose to installing operating system specific file conversion software.

If you would like to contact us please send a email via support AT

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